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welcome to muni [24 Dec 2025|02:07pm]
~muni is a small san francisco based gpsl. this community has been created with the desire to thread/write/spam in a relaxed environment with other writers who are interested in true character development...who are also easy going, have a sense of humor, and all that other good shit. to join, your character must have a referral from a current member or, if you do not have a referral, please dropbox examples. don't cross ic/ooc. don't be a dick. have fun.

✘ check the taken list
✘ make sure you have a referral from a current member or have dropboxed examples
✘ backdate a screened post w/ basic info (name, dob, occupation)
Add the MOD journal
✘ request membership here, here, and here

✘ post for lines in [info]lombardstreet

*Next adds are 5/29*
name: first + last
referral from current member?: member journal
journal: unlinked
info/screened: linked
wire u/n: not required
neighborhood: optional (guide one + two)
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taken / info on holds [22 Dec 2024|09:10pm]
Please check the taken list. No need for holds, simply apply! If you have a specific question about bringing in a certain PB feel free to drop us a note or if you simply want to let us know you're coming our way we'd love a comment here with a heads up but totally not necessary!
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dropbox/screened [24 Dec 2023|11:28am]
any questions?
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